Stage 4 Integrated STEM Project

The Stage 4 Integrated STEM Project promotes an interdisciplinary approach to teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics in Stage4. Teachers engaged in cross-curriculum planning with a major focus on aligning syllabus outcomes, promoting higher order thinking through authentic project-based tasks. The unit of learning provided a guide for integrated teaching and learning, inquiry learning and design thinking.

In addition seven secondary STEM Action Schools were identified across the state with the intention of supporting other schools in STEM education. Schools involved in this project share and support effective STEM pedagogy, illustrate innovative practice for student engagement in STEM and demonstrate successful leadership, professional learning and industry partnerships.

One approach that secondary schools within our project have taken was to integrate science, mathematics and technology through project-based learning. To integrate STEM successfully into the curriculum the first step to planning involved teachers discussing existing programs, scope and sequences and assessment strategies. Working together as the STEM team, teachers shared the concepts, made connections between outcomes and designed authentic teaching and learning experiences for students. By discussing the possible contexts for application and project learning ideas, teachers made connections between subject areas and designed appropriate student centred projects.

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